Why Does My Baby Carrier Hurt My Back?

The back pain which you have to suffer in your pregnancy may back again after a few weeks of your baby delivery. This is because of carrying your baby in a baby carrier for several hours a day.

Starting to carrying the infants needs to hold near about 10 pounds weight onto your body. But as your baby is growing day by day, you need to take almost 20 to 35 pounds of baby weight on your back.

Continuously carrying this enormous weight can cause severe back pain for the carrier wearer. Luckily, you can prevent this back pain causing by taking some preventing measures.

In today’s article, we will discuss why does your body face severe back pain and how you could prevent it.

Let’s start on- Why does my baby carrier hurts my back?

Why does baby carrier hurt the back?

Carrying the baby carrier can cause some mechanical issues, which further causes soft-tissues injuries on the back parts of your body. This injury also damages the intervertebral discs, constriction of the nerve roots.

Ultimately all these scenarios cause an abnormal movement of the spinal joints. Finally, bad back or back pain can arise.

The critical cause of the back pain is pulling the muscle and ligaments. Unfortunately, using the baby carrier for a long time can stretch the muscle continuously.

Why does my baby carrier hurt my back

Symptoms of the back pain:

Some possible signs may create due to back pain are-
• Muscle ache
• Shooting or stabbing pain
• Pain that radiates down your leg
• Pain that worsens with bending, lifting, standing or walking
• Pain that improves with reclining. (MAYO Clinic, 2018)

How to reduce the back pain?

  1. At first, use the best baby carrier, which is constructed on the basis to prevent your back pain arising. Use the common baby carrier may force you to feel -Ummmm, it is a baby carrier hurts my shoulders!
    There are several best baby carriers available in the market, which are ideals for backpain available in the market; you can select one of them.
  2. Use full supporting band over your hip entirely (tightly). It will evenly distribute your baby’s weight on your pelvis and your lower limbs.
  3. Also, use Hight supportive waist belt to adjust the big/larger babies into the carrier so that it can minimize the muscle pulling from your neck and back.
  4. Use Well-padded shoulder straps on your baby carrier. Asymmetrical tightening of these shoulder straps will loosely fit your carrier on your body.
  5. Tightly fit the shoulder straps; it will let take your baby centrally inside the baby carrier. Besides this, it will prevent the creating of muscle fatigue on your neck and back.
  6. Make sure your baby is centrally fit inside the baby carrier (if both legs of your baby are parallelly placed to each other, your baby is centrally placed). Also, confirm you have set the carrier close to your shoulder. I saw many experienced parents had held their baby carrier at a kissing position to measure the closeness of holding the baby.
  7. Hold your toddler in a back carrying position. This position can help to prevent the muscle from pulling from your neck and back. Ultimately it can prevent arising of your back pain.
  8. Do some exercise on your doctors’ recommendation. It will help you to make healthy your muscles and nerve.
  9. Never blend your body to breastfeed your baby. Bring close your baby towards your breast and feed him/her. Avoid lifting your baby, bending your waist. Bend your knees to lift your baby all time.
  10. Do not carry your baby in the same carrying position for a long time. Alternatively, use several baby holding positions with frequent intervals.

baby carrier for lower back pain:

Hundreds of baby carriers to lower back pain are available in the market now a day. I have listed the five-top rated from all those. See below the list.
• SUNVENO Baby Carrier.
• Infantino Carry on Carrier.
• Baby Carrier Soft Sling All Carry.
• Baby Hip Seat Carrier.
• BABYBJORN Baby Carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Does back pain from lifting baby out of crib can arise?

Answer: Yes, it can. To prevent the back pain resulting from lifting your baby out of crib or cot, do not bend your waist. Bend your knees and raise your baby close to you.

How can I stop paining on my shoulder while carrying my toddler?

Answer: Stop carrying your baby carrier using your one arm. Centrally place the carrier so that it can eventually distributing the baby weight on your hip and limb. It will prevent strain on your back/ligaments at your shoulder.

Final verdict

A baby carrier not only uses to keep up the trend of any family. It’s a baby tool used to ensure comfort both for the baby and for the mom (dad as well).

So, where you are using the baby carrier to ensure your satisfaction, it supposed not to give you pain by arising your back pain.

Therefore, you have to ensure you are carrying your baby in such a way which can prevent creating any painful back pain.

Baby carrying is a heavenly job; don’t spoil the feel of this sweetest job suffering from the back pain.

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Stay safe, stay fine.
Thank you.

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