When can I start cutting my baby’s nails?

Children’s nails grow very quickly. You may need to cut your baby nails a few times a week. Toenails do not grow so fast. Newborn nails can be thinner and softer than older ones. But they are sharp. And since a newborn baby does not have any control over any of his organs, they can easily scratch themselves with their nails and even can make a wound. So you should cut the nails after a while, so that baby nails do not get any chance to be sharper.

Besides this, dust, pollutants, and bad bacteria can accumulate under the nails. When your baby inserts his/her hands or feet into the mouth or develop an old finger sucking habit, dirt under the nails can easily enter into the body. Cutting your baby’s nails on time can guarantee that this won’t happen.
Let’s go for the details on- When can I start cutting my baby’s nails?

When Can I Start Cutting My Baby’s Nails?

Baby nails are growing 0.1 mm daily. As your baby nails grow so fast, perhaps, you have to cut or trim them once or twice a week. If your baby is born with tail nails, then you also may trim or cut them right then.

when can i start cutting my baby's nails

Baby’s fingernails grow faster comparatively with toenails. That’s why you may cut the fingernails more frequently than the toenails.

However, you can reduce the cutting frequency by trimming or filing the nails also.

A proper trimming or filing of your baby nails will reduce the chance of scratching your baby his/ her face with the nails.

Baby nails cutting Tools:

Baby nail cutter/baby nails clippers, a soft emery board, blunt-nosed scissors with a clipper (alternate to nail cutter), sterile cloths or gauge, antiseptic ointment or cream, etc.

How To Cut Your Baby Nails

Hold your baby or let your baby sit on your lap and hold his/her little hand. Make sure adequate light is available for you; hold gently the baby finger by your fingers. Gently trim it with round scissors or nail clippers. If the nails are not too long, it is a good idea to cut it.

How To Cut Your Baby Nails

The edges of the fingernails should be trimmed into a curved shape. Toenails won’t be considered too much.

Even if you are the most caring parent, you may accidentally cut off the skin of a newborn while clipping or cutting it if cutting baby nails causes bleeding: don’t be afraid. Do the following things immediately-

  • Clean the wound with cold water or water at room temperature.
  • Wipe the wound with a clean and sterile cloth or gauze.
  • Press slowly until the bleeding stops (it should stop within a few minutes).
  • Apply antiseptic and antibacterial cream provided by your pediatrician to prevent any infection.

How to cut baby nails while awake

Baby nails Filing: Cut your baby’s nails by gently filing it with an emery board. It is true that it is a lengthy process comparatively, but you will eventually get valuable results.

How to cut baby nails while awake

Use the best nail clippers for your baby: There are several types of nail clippers available in the market that is specially designed for trimming a baby’s nails. It is also a very comfortable method. But how do you use it? First, you start with the fingernails. Put the clip in the nail, pushing the finger muscle inwards, and then loosen the nail. This method will help to prevent the skin from getting hurt around your baby’s finger. To cut the toenails, take your child’s foot in a firm place by placing the clip in a similar manner.

Clip the baby nails while sleeping: If you are scared to cut your baby’s nails, wait for her to fall asleep. If you are lucky, you will be able to do it without waking your baby. Many parents try to cut their children’s nails with their teeth or hands, which is not right at all. Newborn Fingernails attached to their finger skin very tightly and closely, that’s why while doing this, there may create a bacterial infection, and the nails condition will worsen.

How To Cut Baby Nails Without Clippers

If nail trimming or clipping is challenging, or if you want to cut it another way, here are some options:

File them: The nails are small enough; you can try to file the baby nails even though it can be an intensive process.

Use a baby scissor: You can use a baby scissor to cut your baby nails.

Ask a Doctor : You can ask a medical specialist, ideally with a pediatrician.

How To File The Baby Nails

You can file your baby nails if you do not want to cut them frequently. Do the following process-

How To File The Baby Nails
  • Use a good emery board.
  • Take your baby’s one hand on your hand.
  • Give a toy into your baby’s other hand so that she/he becomes busy with the toy.
  • Softly file the extra nails and make them short and smooth.
  • Now, if filing of this hand is complete, do the same with your baby’s other hand too.
  • Once filing of hand nails are done, go for toenails and file them.

12 tips on how to cut your baby nails:

  • Don’t wait until the baby’s nails are too big. Cut off baby’s nails before they get too big.
  • Never cut a baby’s nails with your teeth. Biting the baby nails with your teeth has a possibility to spread the herpes simplex infection onto the baby’s nails.
  • Never cut a baby’s nails too tight and too deep.
  • Always use sharp nail cutters, never cut nails with blades.
  • Never use nail shaper when nails are wet. Shape with nail shaper in such a way so that the nail heads becomes smooth.
  • Ensure the presence of adequate light; So that you can cut the baby’s nails by seeing it very clearly.
  • Immediately after the bath, the baby’s nails become very softer. Then it is very easy to cut the nails. But if you cut the baby nails while your baby is asleep, it is best of all. There will be no fear of moving the baby, and there will be no possibility of injuring the child’s finger.
  • Baby nails grow fast, so you need to cut the nails regularly every week.
  • If, for some reason, the baby’s nails are not able to be trimmed, keep your baby in mittens while sleeping at night. You can also cover your baby nails with soak for a temporary solution. As a result, the child will not be able to hurt himself.
  • When the baby is lying down, the nails should be kept away from the baby to prevent any splashing and eye injury. Remember to pack up all the nails after cutting; Nails piece must not stay on the sheet.
  • When cutting baby’s nails, only use nail cutters made for the baby. Never latch the baby’s nails with elder nail cutters. Children’s nail cutters or nail clippers are specially made so that they are less likely to get hurt.
  • If you have problems in your eyes or if your hand trembles for any reason, please do not cut the baby’s nails. Assign responsibility to someone else in the house.

Final Verdict

However, grooming or training your newborn begins with cutting their nails. It is important to know how to do so in a clean and safe manner. Remember to discuss this with your doctor if you have any concerns. Try to create a grooming schedule to accommodate your baby’s grooming needs. Initially, you are advised to seek the help of another adult while clipping the newborn’s nails.

So this is all about when can I start cutting my baby’s nails. We hope this article will help you to know in detail about your baby’s nails, cutting time, and cutting procedure.

Stay well with your sweet angel.

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