The Best way to carry a Newborn – Know Details

Even though all parents feel thrill starting their new innings, after a while, they can realize baby handling is not an easy task. Doing any task related to the newborn baby, precisely in a proper form, is a too stressful job, and it needs more patience and some experience knowing from others.

However, if you do not understand how to carry your newborn, this guideline is dedicated to you.

Stay with me and read the full article on- The best way to carry a newborn.

Best Ways To Carry A Newborn

Every parent must know how to hold their newborns. A newborn has a soft neck, which takes a long time to tight appropriately. That’s why, if you do not hold your newborn properly, your newborn’s neck can hurt severely.

There are different methods to hold the newborn. Let’s describe some of them-

At first, know how you feel comfortable holding your newborn. Yes, there are different ways to hold the newborn. But each of them is not comfortable for all parents.

You have to understand the fact of how you could comfortably hold your baby. It is mandatory both for you and your newborn as well.

So, if you find any difficulties in doing that, you can consult with an experienced mother to resolve the fact. She will tell you her details experience, which may provide you with some way.

Learn slowly. Hold the baby only when you have enough confidence in yourself that you can hold adequately. Until then, don’t try to hold the newborn without any assistance.

In that case, many moms may ask me if I don’t have any assistance with me, how I could hold my newborn?  The answer is, in that case, you have to hold the newborn carefully, carefully and carefully!

Be very comfortable. Use your left-hand palm and place your newborn’s head onto it. Hold the waist portion of your baby with your right hand. If you start to hold the baby, you will get an excellent grip to do so.

 In this situation, if you wish, you can lift your baby as well. However, if you still could not understand the ways, consult with the pediatrician, he/she will practically show you this process.

Use enough caution. Whenever you will try to hug your baby, never forgot to place your one hand near your baby’s head or neck.

As I already told it very clearly, a newborn baby has a softer neck, which needs a longer time to tighten appropriately.

If you lose your conscience even a little bit to hold the baby, there is a chance of being a significant injury at your baby’s neck or head.

The cradle hold

Do you hear the name of cradle hold? It is an excellent, effective method to hold the newborn.

According to this technique, whenever you are gonna carry your baby, hold the baby at closest to your chest.

Use one hand to hold the baby with your chest and use another hand to hold the baby’s neck or head gently.

cradle hold

Lap Hold

For this holding, you have to sit firmly on your bed or chair. After you have adequately sited, hold the baby on your lap position.

Place the baby’s head and neck on your one hand palm keeping his/her face up. Place your forearms under your baby’s body. Your baby’s feet should tuck into your waist.

lap hold

Belly hold

It is the most comfort holding process for the babies. After you have sited properly, hold your baby onto your belly. Place your baby across your forearm and keep his/her head onto your elbow. Use your hand palm to gently holding your baby’s feet. Use another hand to give support to your baby. It is an effective method to stroke your baby and to work out the stomach gas.

Shoulder Hold

It is another baby carrying technique. In this process, at first, hold your baby on your lap. Then slowly take your baby at your chest.

Keep baby’s head onto your shoulder using your one hand gently after than use your other hand to hold the baby’s neck and head.

shoulder hold

You can use this technique even when you want to move your baby into another shoulder.

Hold your baby gently but accurately: You should not fall in confusion between the terms gently and tightly.

If you hold your baby’s body or neck too much tightly with your body, your baby may feel suffocation.

Even a loosely holding your baby, has a chance to cause an accident. Thereby hold your baby close to your body gently and accurately so that your baby feels comfortable.

Check your baby’s mood

Once you have carry or hold your baby at any upper process, now put your close attention to understand how your baby feels it.

Though a newborn cannot tell any abnormalities or difficulties, he/she is feeling, but believe me; your baby can express his/her uncommon through body movement and facial expression.

If your baby is crying at any of his holding position, gently change his position.

Keep one thing on your mind; a newborn may cry for two reasons. Number one, if he/she feels hungry and numbers two is if she/he is facing any abnormalities /difficulties.

The Best Way To Carry A Newborn

Some Tips To Carry A Newborn Baby Effectively

  1. Before you hold the baby, ensure you are in an accurate position. If you could not handle your body weight and position firmly, it will difficult for you to hold the newborn properly.
  2. You can use a baby carrier if you want to keep your hands free.
  3. Do not forget to use the baby carrier until you are properly aware of the safety concern about this gadget.
  4. You can use a supportive infant pillow when you are holding your baby to breastfeed him/her.
  5. Do not go into the kitchen with your baby when your stove is turning on.
  6. Try to hold your baby with your skin contact.
  7. Do not shake too much, your baby.
  8. Hold your baby using your both hand when you are going to the hospital or anywhere else without the baby carrier.
  9. Do not let your baby a non-experienced person’s hand.
  10. Do some research on how not to hold a newborn baby? It will help you to prevent any unwanted situation related to baby’s holding
  11. The more important thing is never to try to hold or carry your baby without adequately cleaning both hands.


Actually, you cannot define all processes on how to pick up newborns. A mom can hold her newborn in any comfortable way; it does not matter how she holds her newborn. 

The only critical matter is, you have to very careful about your newborn’s head and neck. So this is all about today on-The best way to carry a newborn. If you think this article even a little bit helpful to you, please don’t forget to share it on your timeline.

Happy baby carrying!

Thank you.

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