Moby wrap plus size mom review – fits all Plus Mom

There is no alternative to using a baby wrap for the newborn baby. But the problem arises with the traditional baby wrap because a plus-size mom often faces difficulty wrapping herself comfortably with it.

Thinking about the plus-size mom, we have today come with one such baby wrap, which perfectly can suit on plus-size mom, dad, and any wearer. The more advantage of this baby wrap is, it is soft, stretchy, and breathable. Moreover, it is an on-the-go baby carrier for breastfeeding also. This baby wrap can take care of both your baby’s skin & body.

However, let’s see the product details with all its features, pros, and cons in the followed way-

Moby Wrap Plus Size Mom Overview

Moby wrap is one of the delicate but straightforward, fashionable, and capable baby wraps that can meet your on-the-go baby carrying demand anywhere, anytime. A hands-free and easy-to-use baby wrap perfectly makes a suitable bond between the baby and mom/dad.

moby wrap plus size mom

This baby carrier is made with soft, scratchy, and breathable fabrics. It nourishes your baby’s skin. Also, eventually, distribute the baby’s weight on over your body.

This baby carrier can carry out children up to 8 to 33 pounds. Verities color and pattern of these baby carriers are available in the market. You can pick your favorites among these.

It is suitable to fit your baby inside it. You can keep this carrier even in a diaper bag also. A matching storage bag is included with this product, reducing your hassles to store the wrap. No adjusting straps or buckles are needed here to adjust this baby wrap on your body. It’s a accessories free baby wrap, smooth, and comfort for you and your baby.

Moby wrap features

Promotes Bonding

A continuous carrying your baby on over your body not only helps you to keep your both hands free. A baby carrier also nourishes an eternal bond between you and your baby. This baby carrier brings deep close your baby, make your baby warm, secure, and happy.

Take care of your baby

Moby baby wrap helps work properly to look after your baby. It can calm your baby, can make your baby happy. Reducing a colic pain or inducing a good breastfeeding position-there is no alternate of Moby wrap plus size mom.

Ensure Comfort

Moby Wrap baby carrier made with 70% Viscose & 30% Stretchable and breathable cotton. It’s an all-time parents-favorite baby wrap due to its incredible comfort level. This baby wrap is featuring a soft, stretchy, and durable cotton. The whole baby wrap can equally distribute the baby weight on over parents’ bodies. Therefore, for any size baby or any size parents, this baby wrap can be used easily.

Elegant & Functional

Varieties, color & pattern with a simple look make it is a Fashionable & Functional baby wrap for plus size mom. So, any plus size mum can carry her baby suitable and effectively inside the baby carrier.

Supportive for the baby growing

Babies from 8 to 33 pounds can easily carry out in Moby wrap baby carriers. It is an on-the-go baby carrier for your newborn infants. And the most important thing is, Moby wrap is the perfect baby carrier for breastfeeding as well. It’s a simple baby carrier that excludes any metallic hardware. Therefore, ideal for the baby’s skin and body.

Suitable for the wearer

Moby wrap lets you enjoy an eventual weight distribution on your hip, shoulder, or back. As a result, you will never feel you are carrying an extra weight baby on your body. It will never force you to feel pain on your back or abdomen. It’s an on-the-go baby wrap for parents as well.

Moby wrap Pros
  • » Skin-to-Skin contact.
  • » Ideal for the newborn, toddler.
  • » Simple design
  • » Comfortable & Durable
  • » Lightweight
  • » Breathable
  • » Free of any accessories or hardware
Moby wrap Cons
  • » A complaint about exerting back pain.

Moby wrap plus size mom FAQ

How long is moby warp?

A Moby Wrap is long enough, i.e., 5.5 meters. So, it is entirely larger for any size of baby wearers. Even both mom and dad can wear this baby carrier to hold their baby very comfortably. However, if any mom or dad has an extra-large size, they can purchase the Extra-Long Moby Wrap with 6 meters long.

How much weight can a Moby wrap hold? 

Moby wrap can hold weight up to 35lbs, which is 15.9 kg. If your baby has more weight than this range, you can switch it on for the Moby Go. Usually, it can carry more than the Moby wrap, 151lb (6.8kg) to 45lb (20.4kg).

What can happen if the Moby Wrap is too loose?

At the time of pre-tying of this, try to wrap it against your body snugly. Like you snug your t-shirt or tops before you keep your baby inside of your t-shirt or tops. Also, you can pull down the wrap by inserting both hands inside of your tightly pre-wrapped unit.  

Does Moby Wrap fit for plus-sized mom?

Yes, it fits even on the plus-size mom and dad. You might know, Moby Wrap is 5.5meters long. So it can quickly work for any sized body. If you need extra larger size, you can pre-order for 6 meters Moby Wrap size at various reseller or online suppliers. 

Final Verdict

If you are still hesitating to select a baby wrap for your baby, believe in our reviews and pick one Moby wrap. It’s one of the best baby wraps for plus size mom, for dad, and all other baby wearer types.

Thank you.

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