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Know when to use the baby carrier

Alisha Deo

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when to use baby carrier

However, at the very first stage of a baby parents can use a baby carrier. In fact, they can take the baby carrier to the hospital to hold a just born baby. Interestingly baby weighing at least 7 pounds are capable enough to carry inside a baby carrier.

As baby carriers have so many beneficial effects like it can reduce baby’s crying, increases the skin-to –skin contact with parents and care giver’s-therefore if you can use it to carry your newborn baby, effectively it would be potential for you.

The fact is. A newbie mom or dad becomes very confused about any silly or big issues related to the baby. For newbie parents, it is not unusual, to get in a dilemma about any baby wearing for their baby.

What is a baby carrier, why use it, which baby carrier should they use, when to use a baby carrier, and does a baby carrier is safe for the baby! All such questions could repeatedly be knocking the newbie parents.

Prior to starting carrying your baby inside a carrier, the basic things about using a baby carrier can be know from the below discussion. Let’s start-

When To Use A Baby Carrier

The baby carrier can be started using from the very beginning. From the very beginning, you can use a baby carrier. But newborn baby’s head & neck support is crucial. As before four months of age, no babies can control their head and neck. Therefore parents or caregivers must need to take care of such babies especially. So how effectively can you carry your baby at this time using a carrier? Easily you can use a baby carrier with a safety infant insert inside it. Baby carrier type is a special consideration. You should be choosy about it for your little bird, like a baby wrap, ring sling-etc. It could be efficient to hold the newborn.

when to use baby carrier

However depending on the age of the baby, you can classify your baby carrier types like for 0 to 4 months aged baby-baby wrap, ring sling, etc. And for four months plus babies, you can use any baby carrier in which your baby feel comfortable and secured. Let’s know about the baby carrier types before deciding on a baby carrier for your baby.

Types Of Baby Carrier

Before introducing your baby to a carrier, you should research different types of baby carriers found in the market. You can review different online reviews, take a review from your friends, known personnel who already used a baby carrier. Finally, you can choose the best baby carrier for your little ones.

  • Baby wrap
  • Ring Sling
  • Structural Baby Carrier
  • Mei Tei etc.

How long can I use a baby carrier to carry my baby

It depends on your baby’s comfort level, basically. You may be in need of holding your baby for a long time inside in a carrier, but if your baby does not willingly want to stay here for a long time, you should not move on with it for a long time. Many people become habituated to keep their sleeping baby inside the carrier; my suggestion is- if it turns of outdoor baby carrying, it’s ok. Otherwise, please do not make it an indoor habit.

Different baby carrying position

Depending on the baby’s body structure, age, and weight, different positions of the baby carrier can be fixed actually. The main positions of the baby carrier include-

The front inward facing

This carrier will work for the baby whose age is 0+ month’s baby.

The front-outward facing

This carrier will be beneficial for 4-6 months old aged baby. Babies who are holding his/her neck and head should be carried in this position.

Hip carry

If your baby wants to move out from the carrier, this carrying position is helpful for you.

Back Carry

Your little champs who are so many curries about his/her world and wants to move surroundings then this types of carrier is the best carrier for your baby.

Safety baby carrying needs

Baby’s safety is the first priority for parents. They should take care of different things when they are going to carry their baby in a carrier. Keeping the baby in corrects position according to their age and weight. Checking of all carriers’ fasteners, carrier fabrics, etc., is mandatory for the parents.

During carrying your baby inside the carrier, stop overdressing your baby, don’t blend your wrist (bend your knee when you need to blend), don’t lie down. For baby’s safety, don’t use babies’ carrier during cycling, biking, running, etc. And finally, don’t dare to use your newborn inside a carrier (basically the structural baby carrier) without an infant insert. And always observe your baby get if she or he is feeling comfortable inside the carrier or not!

Using baby carrier as the trial purpose for baby’s safety

Don’t put your baby into a baby carrier before adjusting yourself to it. Firstly, try this one taking on and off it, try to adjust it by different carrying position, try to properly tight or lose it. If required, use a baby doll as a baby. Finally, when you feel comfortable with the baby carrier, you can carry your baby inside of it.

For more information, read the user manual properly. And you can watch the instrumental video included on the manufacturer’s website. YouTube also contains so many tutorials about carrying a newborn baby; you can take assistance from there as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which baby carrier is perfect for my just born baby?

So, what is the weight of your baby? If your baby is weighing more than 7 pounds, you can use a baby wrap to hold him/her. But be sure you have trial enough before carrying a just born baby with the help of a baby carrier.

Does a baby carrier is safe to hold the newborn?

If you can maintain the safety measure holding at the time to hold your newborn baby inside in a baby carrier. Use a safety insert. Look after your baby’s head, neck, and face continuously when you put your baby in the carrier.

Final verdict

When to use a baby carrier-basically depends on parents’ mental satisfaction, capability. If you think yes, you can deal with a baby carrier to hold the newborn, don’t think twice to use it. If you are a little bit in a hesitation, use a baby carrier for your four months plus baby.

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