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How to take Care of a Newborn Baby – Newborn Baby Care Basics

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new born baby

After giving birth to a new baby, almost all the new mom starts to worry about their newborn babies. How to look after them, handle them, to feed them, clean them, what will be their clothing, and so many such questions- arises into a new mom’s mind.

Every new mom rarely can understand how to take care of a newborn baby. Newborn baby care after birth seems a matter of fear, new experience, and further confusion for every new mom.

After getting a release from the hospital, it is the time to rejoice your motherhood totally with your newborn baby. Instead of enjoying your motherhood, if you do tension about your newborn baby, you will miss most of your heavenly moments behind such anxiety and confusion.

If you want to keep yourself away from all confusion and tension, follow us. We are here to resolve your problems. We are going to write details on baby care for a newborn in today’s articles-

How To Take Care Of Your Newborn Baby

Here we are enlisting some of the newborn care basics. Hopefully, this will be very useful for our new mothers.

How To Take Care Of A Newborn Baby

Wash your hands

Always wash your hands with a disinfectant hand wash or instant hand sanitizer before touch the newborn. Not only you, whoever wants to touch the infant had to wash both his /her hands in the same way. Also, wash your hands before cleaning the baby; wash your hands after changing your baby’s diaper as well.

Hold your newborn baby in the right way

Newborn’s necks are heavy. They don’t have any control over the muscles of the neck. Therefore, it is vital to keep the head and neck upright while you hold them. Children have to resort to their neck and head until they are at least three months of age, after three months of age, their control over their neck begins to develop.

How to calm the newborn baby

Although there are some debates about how to calm the infant, according to some pediatrics, you can do the following-

How to take care of your Newborn baby’s Umbilical Cord or Navel

The baby is cut off from the placenta immediately after birth. After cutting the navel, doctors clamp it or attach it to a plastic or metal cord clamp or tape, such as a clip. This will stop the blood flow to the navel and reduce the chances of happening infection.

baby’s Umbilical Cord

Keep the navel dry. The more you keep the navel dry, the faster the navel will dry and removes out from the body. For this, keep the navel away from oil, soap, lotions, water. However, sometimes doctors ask to be wiping the navel with alcohol-soaked cotton. Gently clean the navel with a cotton ball or cotton bud soaked by alcohol.

It may be drying correctly, but sometimes it may cause yellow spots on the baby’s clothes from the navel. In that case, you don’t need to worry, change clothes, and wash gently. Usually, within seven to fourteen days, the navel completely dries and automatically drops out from the belly.

How to take care of your newborn baby’s nails

Baby nails grow very fast. Your newborn’s nails may hurt his/her skin. There is a possibility of a wound if the jaw is deep.

newborn baby’s nails

Cut the nails nicely with a baby nail cutter. Cut the nails only when the baby is asleep, so there will be no fear of moving or cutting. If it is urgent to cut the nails, but the baby is awake, seek help from someone else. Rinse the nail cutter with disinfectant before using it. Baby nails are usually soft, but if you feel tight, cut the nails after baby’s bath.

How to take care of your newborn baby’s eyes:

Do not forget to clean the dirt of the newborn’s eyes, but do not do it by an empty-hand. Dip a piece of soft cloth in warm water; lightly press the water to remove the baby’s eyes.

newborn baby’s eyes

In many instances, breast milk may enter into the eyes of the child. If breast milk comes into the eyes of your newborn, it can cause inflammation in the baby’s eyes, so be careful about it.

Some newborns may have water secretion from their eyes. If this happens with your newborn, repeatedly wipe both her/his eyes with a soft, hygienic piece of cloth. This problem may fix automatically after one or two months. Consult with a newborn doctor if you think your baby has more problems.

How to keep the newborn’s tongue clean

White lining is seen in the baby’s tongue due to continuous milk feeding. Use a soft, hygienic, and dry cloth; wipe the tongue of your little angel.

How to keep the newborn baby’s ear clean

Do not clean with cotton buds inside the ear of your newborn baby. The ear screen may hurt. There is some hair inside the ear that pushes the outside dirt. It is crucial to protect them from Cotton bird injury. Keep the surface of the ear clean. Wipe it with a cotton ball or soft cloth.

Taking care of the newborn’s nose

Do not clean the nose with any cotton buds. If it is mandatory to clean the nose of your baby, simply use the corner of a soft cloth to clean it. If any cold or dirt is blocked into the nose, the baby breathes through the mouth and does not want to suck milk. So take care of this and adequately keep it clean.

How To Take Care Of Your Newborn Baby’s Genitalia

The newborn baby’s reproductive organ or genitalia is much softer. When you are using baby clothes or diaper for your newborn, observe whether it is comfortable and whether it has a high absorption capacity or not.

Newborn Baby’s

There are differences in the care and cleanliness of the genitals of boys and girls. In the case of the girl baby, it is normal to have swollen and redness outside of her vagina. Clean regularly with a soft wet cloth. You can use a little bit of baby oil every time you change the diaper. You can also use wipes to clean your baby’s genitalia.

Be careful about the baby boy’s genitalia. Penis gets dirty under the skin on the head. Clean up this place with a soft wet cloth and wipe with baby oil.

Newborn baby’s dress-up

You must buy clothes for your newborn baby first. Newborn baby clothes must be comfortable, made of cotton, and require other safety measures. Only buy soft cotton cloths and avoid glossy, heavy ornaments, plastic rings, various stripes, brackets or tie, and buttons, as these can cause unnecessary stress to the baby’s airway or cause inflammation in her skin.

Don’t buy lots of clothes at all because newborn babies grow faster. You should consider the different weather conditions when purchasing Sleepwear, Tops, Soaks, Hat, Baby blanket, or Swaddle clothes for your baby.

However, avoid any heavy fabrics for the newborn in hot weather. Again in winter, do not select such a sweater or clothing materials that may release fiber or dust into the baby’s body.

The proper rules for wearing diapers to your newborn

If you apply a little bit of baby oil onto the area before wearing the diaper, the skin will be protected from the rub of the diaper. Many people use powder before wearing diapers. With the use of it, the baby’s skin becomes dry.

wearing diapers to your newborn

If diaper rash appears onto your newborn skin, do not use oil, use diaper rash medication at the doctor’s advice.

Observe the diaper line and adjust if it needs it. Do not through any used diapers in an open condition, packet all the used diapers, and quickly threw them in the garbage basket. For the newborn baby, always use a high absorbent diaper.

Maintain newborn baby’s room temperature properly:

White lining is seen in the baby’s tongue due to continuous milk feeding. Not only white lining, but some white dots also can arise inside the lips and cheeks of your baby. Never try to wipe this type of signs from your baby’s tongue, lips, and cheeks. In that case, please visit your baby’s doctor immediately

Know How To Bathe Your Newborn

Bathing the newborn baby for the first time is an excellent experience. For new parents, it is a matter of challenge to bath such a small body.

Doctors usually refuse to bathe the baby until the navel is dry. Until then, you would instead wipe your baby’s body with a soft wet towel. You will need the below items to bathe your newborn-

Towels, Soft cloth (for soaking), Soft cloth (for wiping), clean dress, Baby shampoo, Baby soap, warm (comfortable for the newborn) water.

Place one hand on your baby’s back and shoulders, and place the other hand on the bottom and lie on the baby in the tub.

Once you have the baby in the tub, you can use the hand you placed underneath to wash the baby, and with the other hand, continue to support the baby’s head and keep the head above the water level.

After finishing the bath, carefully hold your baby. Wipe the head with a dry cloth. If the head is wet, it can be cold. Finally, wipe the chest and hands and the remaining body of your newborn.

Buy All The Required Items For Your Newborn Baby

 Required Items For Your Newborn Baby

What are the most important things for a newborn baby? Although it is a widespread belief that you should start shopping right after the baby is born, it does help to prepare for the arrival of your newborn. Most would-be parents arrange shoes, toys, blankets, and sometimes even larger homes for their newborn baby; almost each of them becomes useless in for the newborns.

Clothes during Breastfeeding

For those who are new mothers, it is best to wear lightweight clothes and a breast cover. For your skin protection, choose Nursing Bra, Nightwear, and Top with Nipple Cream and Nipple Shield.

Breast Pumps

There are various types of breast pumps available in the market, such as electric and handmade. Choose between open or closed system pumps or pumps working on one or both breasts at the same time.


Regardless of whether you give your newborn breastfeeding or bottle milk, you also need to disinfect the nipple and bottle properly until your baby is about a year old.

Doctor Recommended baby formula

If you are unable to breastfeed your baby correctly, you must list a baby formula you need to feed your baby. Buy your baby doctor’s recommended formula brand. Try this first time to see if your new baby is experiencing allergies, discomfort, or constipation using this particular brand.

Feeder and Nipple

Buy these two products from a renowned brand.

Breastfeeding by bottle

The use of colic-resistant nipples in feeding bottles is best suited for newborns. The feeding bottle must be BPA free and must be manufactured with high-quality ingredients so that it can withstand high temperatures.

Bottle Cleaning Brush

The feeding bottle needs to be thoroughly cleaned after each feeding. If you have a cleaning brush with a sterilizer in the bottle, it is best to clean and maintain hygiene.


It is most useful to keep hot water in the flask. Hot water should keep in the flask, to make the formula and to clean the feeding accessories. However, you can make a Newborn baby needs a checklist about details of their clothing also other baby necessities items before going to the market.

Some Additional Tips For New Parents

Pay attention to your newborn baby’s response when you hold him/her. Change the position of your newborn baby if he/she is feeling disturbed. Here are some tips for new parents.

 Tips For New Parents
  1. Keep the baby’s head free enough to move and breathe. Give smooth support back of their neck.
  2. Keep the baby in deep touch with your body so that they feel your body smell and feel comfortable.
  3. Try to hold your baby onto your chest so that your baby can hear your heartbeat. It will harden the bonding between you and the newborn.
  4. If you feel nervous for any reason, do not handle your newborn.
  5. While cooking, cleaning, or taking care of dangerous items like knives, do not hold the baby to avoid any harm.
  6. If your baby needs to carry for a very long time, bring a baby pillow which you use during breastfeeding.
  7. When climbing or descending the stairs, hold the baby with two hands for added security.
  8. Do not hold the baby while arguing or when you are in a hyper mood, as you can shake the baby, which can do a severe accident like brain damage to the baby.
  9. Do not use baby carriers for a long time.

Final Verdict

So these are some baby care tips for new moms and also for old mother as well. If you keep your newborn safe by following the above instructions, hope you will able to prevent your baby’s colds, diarrhea, navel infections, or other infections. Anyway, Baby care for a newborn is not a simple matter, not a matter of a hurry. It is a matter of patience, love, and time to time experience. So don’t be tensed, don’t be confused about how to take care of a newborn baby! Enjoy a heavenly feeling with your new angel.

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