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How to build a bike ramp for kids? A Parent’s Ultimate Guide

Alisha Deo

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Undoubtedly a bike ramp is the most adventurous way to enjoy a stunt, jump with lots of flips with the bike. Especially kids can enjoy a lot more fun through a bike ramp.

Riding the bike ramp especially allow a nice introductory experience to uphill and downhill to your baby with his/her bicycle. Indeed, bicycle ramping add an advanced level of technique to catch any type of balancing over the bicycle riding on any terrain.

However, making a bike ramp on its own is just a matter of a few hours. Interestingly we have said here such a simple DYI bike ramp project which will never cut more than 3 hours from your 24 hours.

Read the whole article, and see how to build a bike ramp for kids in the simplest but workable manner.

Let’s start reading-

How to Choose the Best Bike Ramp Materials and Features?

Choosing the right materials for your bike ramp is important. There are many different materials to choose from, all with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Metal ramps are durable and can be used in a wide variety of settings. They are also relatively low-cost. However, they are not safe for use on grass or uneven surfaces. You also need to be careful when you’re transporting them because they can scratch other surfaces if you’re not careful.

Wood ramps have a natural look that will blend in well with almost any environment, but they require more maintenance than metal ramps do because of their susceptibility to rotting and splitting over time. Wood also needs to be stored indoors during the winter months so it doesn’t freeze and crack when it’s exposed to cold temperatures.

The Best Way to Make a Bike Ramp for Kids That Lasts Longer is by using a wood or solid plywood box. Both these two are durable materials. The most common materials for this type of project are wood, but we also count metal in this list as well.

However, when using wood, it is important to use pressure-treated wood or hardwood. When using metal, it is important to choose one that has been galvanized or coated with zinc.

How to Build a Simple DIY Bike Ramp for Kids?

A DIY bike ramp is a great way to get kids more active. It can be as simple as a few boards nailed together to make a ramp. Here I am going to say the easiest and simplest bike ramp-making procedure for the kids. Believe me, the whole process is so simple, it will just take a maximum of one or two hours from you. An additional advantage of this process is, that you can incorporate your little baby into this DIY project very easily.

Let’s see the whole project just in a while- The following are some of the most important steps to building this simple bike ramp.

  • Find an appropriate surface for the ramp to be built on, preferably with some elevation change
  • Find two plywood boards that are at least 6 feet long and 3 inches wide
  • Nail one board vertically onto the ground with the top edge of the board at least 6 inches higher than the bottom edge
  • Nail another board horizontally across the top of the vertical board, with about half of it overhanging each side
  • Nail one or two additional boards across each end of this horizontal board so that it is completely supporting to keep the ramp in place.
  • You can paint over the bike ramp and can let your babies explore their drawing capabilities over the plywood/wooden bike ramp.
  • You can also make a bike ramp base support using wood boxes or bricks. Usually, a strong and solid base plate added advanced security for the kids to ride properly on the ramp.

Why Build a Bike Ramp for Kids?

We build ramps for kids because it helps them learn to ride a bike. The ramp is an easy way to get the kids on the bike without needing any special skills. The bike ramp teaches the kids about bicycle stunts, uphill, downhill, flips, and so on. It’s an awesome means to learn more about balancing on the while bike just within a few days’ trials.

However, building a ramp for kids can be done with various materials, but if you are looking for something simple, try using wood pallets. The wood pallets are easy to find and cost less than other materials like cement or metal. what you need to build a bike ramp is a little creativity, but not much else. Building materials that you need to build a bike ramp include: The wood pellets are easy to find and cost less than other materials like cement or metal. Besides the wood pallets, plywood sheets also could be a good option to make a kid bike ramp.



The best bike ramps for children are those that are safe, easy to use, and have a low incline. Though a DIY project is a lot more to enjoy fun, creativity, and advantage with the family kids, be sure you are enough responsible throughout the whole project. Never choose any non-durable project. As you are making a bike ramp for your kids, so be sure the incline is low compared with the adult bike ramp. Try to use the wooden box or plywood bike ramp first. Metal or cement is much more durable, but these could be accident enhancers for your baby when they are on a ride on the bike ramp.

Make the whole project strong but be sure the ramp performance remains very easy and smooth. As you are well concerned for your baby, you yourself give a trial before allowing your baby to ramp with his/her bike over the ramp. (not with an adult bike, neither with the kid’s bike just try with your body, run over the ramp, and see how it gives the feedback).

That’s all on how to build a bike ramp for kids.