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woven wrap

Many moms are in love with a woven wrap. The woven wrap also has a variety of patterns, colors, and fabrics. It also can use to hold the different aged baby (Infant, toddler, etc.). The biggest advantage of woven wrap is, it has a wider range of weight distribution.

Therefore, one wrap is sufficient to hold different aged and weight babies. Besides this, the woven wrap is so durable; if you have one, you can use it for your second baby too. However, in today’s session, we will discuss details about the woven wrap. Let’s start-

Woven wrap features:

Though a woven wrap is a long parallelogram (made by a long loom) of fabrics, it also has some criteria. Follow on the below-listed features at the time of buying a woven wrap.
Woven wrap sizes:
Basically, a wrap size is not always making sense for the mom. As most of the wrap has almost a long length, a mom of any size can use it to carry her baby. Still, you are beyond any as usual size; you have the option to choose various sizes of the wrap.

Besides this, some moms may like to carry their baby using one layer of the wrap; again, some other moms might prefer it by several layers. The shorter wrap features only one wrapping layer. At the same time, a longer wrap provides multilayers.

A woven wrap could be off-

Size 2: 2.6 meters
Size 3: 3.2 meters
Size 4: 3.6 meters
Size 5: 4.2 meters
Size 6: 4.6 meters
Size 7: 5.2 meters
Size 8: 5.6 meters
Size 9: 6.2 meters

Using materials:
How do you want to wash the woven wrap? Through machine or manual wash? If you have decided on your woven wrap, see the user instruction for its washing instruction. The woven wrap also could be made from various fabrics. If it is made from silk and wool, users have to care for it extra. That means it needs a manual wash using a smooth washing agent.

woven wrap

A hundred percent cotton, cotton/hemp, cotton/linen blend made woven wrap are more convenient to use, wash, and handle. Interestingly, you will find lots of varieties among those blends, each of the varieties are featured by different thickness, additional securities, breathable nature, presence of supportive accessories, and so on. However, it depends on you how you want to handle your woven wrap to meet your demands.

Wrap thickness:
The thickness of a woven wrap is calculating by the grams/square meter of the fabrics. You will get the wrap thickness on the bottom of the product details. Like, 250g/m2. So, the thickness of the wrap tells you how is the fabric of your wrap.

It is not mandatory to thinks; a lower thickness wrap is weather friendly and comfortable for the baby. If a higher thickness wrap features a breathable nature, it is also expectable. Let’s see the thickness key shortly-

Under 180g/m – Thin
180-220 g/m – Thin
220-260 g/m – Medium
260-300 g/m – Thick
Over 300 g/m – Thick

The problem with a too thin and too thicker wrap is, it cannot tie properly. A thicker wrap needs a bigger knob to tied it up tightly, and a thinner wrap needs a precise knob to make it perfect. However, as every person has a different preference, some moms may love the thinner wrap, and some again may love the thicker. However, for the newbie mom, I would like to suggest the medium thicker wrap.

Colors & Contrasting Rails:
A woven wrap with contrasting rails helps the new user to tied it up properly. As it has a different color at the top and the bottom of the wrap, therefore it is easy to catch each portion of the wrap quickly and tie it up. Strip wrap, Gradient Dye wrap, Teaching Rails, etc., are some examples of the contrasting wrap, which are very useful for the newbie mom.

Breastfeeding in a woven wrap:

Breastfeeding your baby even in a public place is also possible with a woven wrap. Only you need to be a little bit more caring while feeding your baby in a public place. In a public place or outer place, you need to loosen your wrap’s cross passes (on which side you want to feed your baby) and then gently push out the nipple. After you have finished the feeding, back your baby at an upright front position and retighten the wrap a little bit; if still, you are confused about how to breastfeed your baby in the outer environment, you can follow our article (how to breastfeed the baby) to get an overall idea.

Tips for using the woven wraps:

  • If you are a newbie mom, practice frequently to tighten the wrapped strand by strand. It will help you properly fit the top, middle, and bottom of the wrap for a smooth snug.
  • Be sure you have carried your baby in an M like position. It will secure your baby’s hip from hip dysplasia.
  • Tie the top third of the wrap properly. It will support your baby’s head and neck.
  • Follow on your baby’s nose and mouth. Your baby’s nose should stay properly so that he/she can properly take part in the breathing.
  • Never carry a baby in a dirty woven wrap.

Troubleshooting with a woven wrap:

Most often, the newbie mom feels various problems using a woven wrap. Such as-

1.Feeling too tight or too loose with the wrap when carrying the baby inside it. It happens due to an improper tying up the baby wrap. To sort it out, bring the knob in from of you, retighten it according to your comfort and secured feel.

2.Baby is not staying properly inside the wrap (Baby folding over/slumping over at one side of the wrap). It happens due to the wrap’s lose tying. Place your baby properly and retighten the wrap as tight it needs.

3.Baby’s Head is Leaning back. It happens if you did not tie the top third of the wrap. In that case, your baby’s shoulder with the upper body cannot get a chest to chest support from you. You can immediately sort it out by tightening the third tip portion of the wrap (twisting through side cross passing).

4.Baby is feeling heavy. That means your wrap is not equally distributed your baby’s weight. However, adjust the cross passes through BABY’S BOTTOM TO KNEE PIT again to KNEE PIT.
5.Baby’s Legs are not in the proper position. Make sure you have carried your baby in a natural M like position.
And never forget to carry your baby supporting enough on baby’s HIP.

Red marks at baby’s thigh, baby’s neck. This is usually happening if you over tighten the wrap when carrying your baby. Ensure you have securely tied the wrap needs to be comfortably snug to the baby’s whole body.

Buying of the woven wrap:

You can buy both a used or new woven wrap for your baby. As a baby is the most special thing for a mom, no mom wants to carry her baby using old cloth. Woven wraps are available in the babywearing shop, or you can buy them online from the online retailer.

For better efficiency, you can join one or two online-based groups (based on baby carrier). From where any info regarding the baby woven wrap is easily you can catch in.

So, there are several woven wrap brands available for your newborn or toddler; you can pick anyone based on your need and choice.

Didymos woven wrap, Natibaby Wraps, EllaRoo Wraps, Ellevill Wraps, Lenny Lamb Wraps, etc., are most dominating.


Can I carry both my children in a wrap?

Yes, you can. Woven wraps are excellent and very comfortable to hold a twin at a time. Even you can carry both your baby and toddler at a time. In that case, carry your little one by a front carry and the toddler by a back carrying.

Does a woven wrap is perfect for hip and back carrying?

You can use a woven wrap to carry your baby both in a hip or back carry. Babies more than three months can perfectly start to sit on their parents’ side. Woven wrap is so moldable and gives a natural tucked position to hold the baby in any position easily.

Final verdict:

Like any other baby wrap or baby carrier, the woven wrap also needs to be handled safely, comfortably and following some ticks to make it more user-friendly. The most important fact is, you have to be ensured your baby is safe inside a woven wrap, and he or she is breathing properly and getting enough support at his/her neck and head.