Can you breastfeed while walking? Know in detail

If you are thinking, can you breastfeed while walking, and then my answer is, of course, you can. You need to follow some tricks and tips to breastfeed your baby in such a way.
Many newbie moms could not imagine breastfeeding their baby while walking or standing at any public place. In today’s article, we will discuss how you can breastfeed your baby while walking and standing in a public gathering place.
Let’s get started-

Tips on how to breastfeed while walking:

Choose a breastfeeding-friendly baby carrier:
A baby carrier is a primary concern to breastfeed your baby at a public place or while you are walking. If you cannot choose a baby carrier supporting carrying your baby in a breastfeeding position, it isn’t easy to feed your baby while you are walking. So, at first, select a perfect baby carrier for breastfeeding purposes. A baby carrier ideal for breastfeeding even can help you to breastfeed your baby while you are walking. There are many baby carriers available in the market that can support you to feed your baby at a public place. Some of them are-

  1. Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling
  2. Baby K’Tan Original Baby Carrier
  3. 4 in 1 Baby Wrap Carrier & Ring Sling by Kids N’ Such

Practice frequently:
Walking and feeding the baby at a time is not an easy task you may are thinking of. Especially a newbie mom most often may face difficulty in feeding her baby while walking. Therefore if you frequently practice at your home, you habituated you to feed your baby even while you are walking. Wear the baby carrier, carry your baby, and start feeding your baby by walking inside your living or bedroom.
Wear easily accessible cloths:
You need to access your breast inside your flexible dress easily. When you are going for an outing with your baby, you need to wear some comfortable clothes so that you can easily pull your breast to feed your baby when you need it. Choose some perfect undergarments under your tops. Tops or bra with an easy hooking system/Zipper system/Button system will be efficient for you in that case.
Wear flexible footwear:
When you plan to nurse your baby in outer space, you need to wear a flexible pair of footwear with your stretchy clothing. If you are habituated to feed your baby, wearing even a five/four inches heels, it is your extraordinary capabilities. But if you feel less comfortable with your high heel, our suggestion is, please avoid high heel, especially when you are carrying your little buddy. Simple non-slip footwear is much better for you and your baby.

Never involve your hands with other works:
Even though you are carrying your baby on the side in a baby carrier, please don’t involve you both hands with other works when planning to nurse your baby. You need both your hands-free cause; one hand will support your baby’s head and neck, and the other hands will help your breast to excrete milk inside your baby’s mouth properly. If you need to carry some other stuff along with your baby, please use a backpack instead of a side or handbag.
Take help from experienced person:
Take suggestions from your mom or neighbors how they feed their baby while they were on an outing. You can also watch some YouTube videos to get a clear-cut assumption on breastfeeding your baby whiles you are walking.
Prefer feeding your baby in sitting position:
We are here to explain the procedure about breastfeeding your baby at the walking time but always try to breastfeed your baby by sitting over a suitable position. Feeding baby in a seating position ensures an overall safety and comfortable breastfeeding.
Never lose your hope:
You may need urgently to feed your baby while you are walking, but if you cannot breastfeed your baby on while you are moving, please don’t be upset. There is a big difference between the efficiency levels of person to person wise. So never think, if she could do that, why not mine! Regularly practice at your home, soon you will also be able to breastfeed your baby while walking.


Can I breastfeed my baby while wearing high heels?

It depends on you. If you can handle both your high heels and your baby at a time, then you can go with your high heels. But if you cannot correctly handle your baby while wearing high heels, we discourage you from wearing high heels. I saw many experienced people say no about high heels while carrying a baby.

Does breastfeeding at walking is safe?

If you can, do it properly. If you know exactly how you should breastfeed your baby while you are walking, then it is safe. Otherwise, it can bring some safety issues to your baby.

Final Verdict

Breastfeeding your baby while you are walking depends on your capability level, the baby carrier you used to hold your baby, etc. If both things are remaining in good form, you can quickly and comfortably feed your baby while walking.
Thanks for your time, which you expand to read this article.