Balance bike vs. Tricycle; which one is better for your child?

Balance bike vs. Tricycle and my consideration:

Most parents often confuse how to choose the best from a balance bike or a tricycle. Before getting how Balance bike vs. Tricycle makes sense for your little kiddos, let know how these two differs from each other.

Tricycles have three wheels so that the rider doesn’t need to balance the cycle manually. Instead of balancing the bike, driver can focus to pedaling on the three wheels included on the Tricycle.
The main difference between a balance bike and the Tricycle is all about balancing and pedaling.

A balance bike needs more focusing on the Gross Motor Skills of its Balance & Steering. A balance bike basically can prepare your baby to be independent on a two-wheeler rider.
Both these two riders help to learn two different things; pedaling and balancing. Learning both these things allow your child to become well learners on pedaling and balancing so that he/she can prepare for the next ride on a bicycle (even without the training wheeler).

Toddler balance bike vs. tricycle / City tricycle vs. balance bike:

People are mainly categorized into two types deciding which one is best among Balance bike vs. Tricycle for 2 years old. However, most people search a perfect balance bike or Tricycle for their different aged baby.

Among those people, some try to pick the rider based on their baby’s age. Again, try to search which one would be capable enough to learn their baby at an advanced level.

However, let’s see the difference between the balance bike and the Tricycle-

Balance BikeTricycle
More fit-able for the toddler.Perfect for the kids having age less than two years.
Easily can move on a rough or uneven surface.Difficult to move on an uneven rough surface.
Lighter & Easy-to-ride.Heavier and challenging to carry.
Balance bikes are faster than Tricycle.Tricycles are slower than bicycles.
Further, controlling the pedal bike becomes so easy.Further controlling on the balancing becomes a little bit time consuming.
Perfect for learning balancing.Perfect for learning pedaling.

So, the discussion among Tricycle vs. balance bike for 2 years old/Tricycle vs. balance bike 2-year-old ends on parent’s choice and baby’s capability. Many parents willingly choose a tricycle for their baby to learn how to pedal on a rider quickly. Some others may prefer the balance bike, as they only want their baby to know balancing the bike properly.

Pedaling and balancing both are mandatory to run a bicycle. Though learning both at a time could be a little bit risky and challenging for the small child. Therefore, it is better to introduce both of them separately with your baby. At first, target any one, and buy the rider based on this target. Once baby got enough control over your targeted one, now pick the remaining one and purchase the rider accordingly.

So, purchasing two riders making no sense for you? In that case, we suggest you are buying the balance bike. Once your baby can learn to control the ride, he/she can quickly learn the pedaling with a toddler bicycle. But be sure, you will concentrate a hundred percent on your baby at his/her learning period with the bike.

When you can convert your baby for a two-wheeler? It depends on the capability of your unique child. Before the age of 2, give your baby a tricycle. Once your baby got well controlling over the Tricycle, you can convert your little rider from Tricycle to a balance bike. Age between 2 to 5 is perfect for learning the balance bike. However, when your baby learns the balance bike, you can now purchase a bicycle for your little kiddo.


Does my baby can go with both the balance bike and the Tricycle?

Actually, both are needed for a baby. When your baby grows up, He/she will drive a bicycle. A bicycle driver needs control of both pedaling and balancing. As a balance bike is perfect for pedaling and Tricycle is for balancing, both are required for any baby.

What is the age range for a balance bike and a tricycle?

Children having an age range between 18 months to 2 years can ride over a tricycle. And children having 2 to 5 years can start riding a balance bike. However, riding on both the rider depends on your baby’s capability, and your afford.

Final verdict

A balance bike teaches your child how to control the balancing of a rider. But a tricycle taught how to pedaling over the rider. Both are required. So, you need to go both with these two. If you ask our suggestion, your baby might face difficulty firstly go with a balance bike. You can start with a tricycle at first, as it has a flat platform to fit on the surface stably, your child will feel more secured during his/her first introduction with the manual rider.

Thank you.

Quinn K. Haley

Quinn K. Haley is a registered pharmacist who has seven years of working experience as a production pharmacist. Besides working directly with pharmaceutical manufacturing, writing both for HEALTHCARE or MOM & BABY- is the passion of Roji. She enjoys writing for the healthy and better life of any people.