A collection of our Favorite Links Babywearing Resources

A collection of our Favorite Links Babywearing Resources:
Every parent, especially the new one, wants to be knowledgeable about several baby-wearing issues. The matter is, separately finding all those info enrich articles may kill their valuable time to expand for their precise baby. As we are always concerned both for the baby and the parents, we thought we could provide the entire article links related to babywearing in one place; it would be great.
Here we’ve compiled the most valuable articles; you should not miss them if you have an intention to know by yourself.

Articles for Safety carrying and positioning:

Baby Sling and Carrier Safety

Safety Blog Related to Baby Carrying:

Parents, Please Stop Covering Your Baby's Face!
Baby wearing safely (and why I don’t like the Baby Bjorn)

Articles for Choosing a Best Baby Carrier:

Baby Carriers for Families on a Budget

Articles about Finding Babywearing Products & Services in America:

Babywearing in Toronto: Where to Buy a New Carrier

Articles about Using the Baby Carrier Perfectly:

Carry Me Close Babywearers

Articles about Babywearing & Cultural Appropriation:

Not Your Idea: Cultural Appropriation in the Birthing Community
Not Your Idea: How to Avoid Cultural Appropriation in Babywearing

Articles about carry the Newborn Baby:

How to Hold a Newborn Baby
How to hold a newborn: in pictures
Preschooler baby wearing How to Baby wear with an Older Child

Articles to carry the baby during Hiking:

How Old Should My Baby Be To Go Hiking?                                                                                             THE ULTIMATE BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO BACKPACKING WITH BABIES: THE BASICS

Babywearing Education & Advocacy Courses:

Welcome to the Center for Babywearing Studies
Baby Wear Fit

Baby wearing Forums:
Babywearing forum on BabyCenter – an active community of babywearers. There are people of all different levels of expertise, from novice to knowledgeable, so join up, jump in and join the conversations. It’s free to join.
Mothering.com Community on Mothering – Extensive forums about a range of parenting and mothering topics, including one dedicated to babywearing. You can also connect in real life (IRL) with other mothers near you through Mothering’s “Finding Your Tribe” forum. It’s free to join.

Babywearing Consultation:

Babywearing Consultation Online

Babywearing help:

Find carrier help in your community.
Benefits of Babywearing

Article for HIP Health baby Carrying:

Baby carriers other equipment
What You Need to Know About Hip Dysplasia

Articles for Backache reducing baby carrying

Preventing Back Pain: Tips for New Moms

Articles for baby carrying at outdoor:

Taking Baby for a walk

Articles for baby carrying for breastfeeding:


You can learn by two means, through practical experience and by reading. Practical learning sometimes might bring a bitter experience. And you cannot take a risk for your baby! But what you can do is, getting a predetermine clue before experiencing an unknown scenario about baby carrying at a different place, time, and way. Reading all these articles surely will help you to know everything related to babywearing.

Thank you